Across Prayer Lines

In 2004, I fell in love.
Yes, I was in 1st year Uni, I was 17, I had worked and earned my first pay cheque. So, I had bought my first iPod and I fell in love. I fell in love with an India Arie song on the i-Pod, its called “God is real” (its still on my top 5 best songs ever, it’s still the background sound in the Hexavia/Potters Lounge website till date). I’d share concepts from the song.  #ChurchForTheStreets
I am not a fan of this human made socio-spiritual concept called religion. But I belong to one regardless, but refuse to be a slave to it. When it comes to life and religion, I don’t know what you call a free thinker, but I always think freely and deeply.  I heard free thinkers don’t believe in God,  well I guess I’m not! So I’d  share something inspired by India Arie’s song “God is real”.
This isn’t just religion or me marketing passed down cliche beliefs. From personal encounters and facts,  here’s what I believe in.
I believe this whole universe was designed, no matter how important we sometimes seem, we are mere tools, we are all just playing out a very small part of the script. Don’t feel yourself too much. I believe in divinity and the superseeding powers of the heavens controlled by “God”, our creator. I believe in blessings. But for blessings, I’ve come to realise that God’s role is not to do for man what man can do for himself.  Stop transferring your responsibility. You want success then work for it!
Work, follow the right principles, do the right things and at that point, you invoke a higher realm of favour (grace) and in the right time you’d get the right results.
And for grace and blessings,  you were created in God’s image, do you even know what that really means?
It means there’s a part of him in you,  just like us, you should be powerful beyond imaginations. You have it. Use your powers right!
Stop running from pillar to post for that which is within. Until Your Prayer Line Changes From “God Please Bless Me” To “The World Will Be Blessed Through Me”, You Will Continue To Receive Peanuts And Call It Blessings.
Realize there Is A SOURCE. Created by and in His Images, we are a part of it. Your role is to be A CHANNEL, and Not just A RESERVOIR. We are reservoir of God’s work, find and use yours!
HAPPY SUNDAY. #ChurchForTheStreets
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