How to Stay Relevant.


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*Did you know that* Forbes valued Blackberry brand at $6.1billion and Nokia at 27.3b (9th global brands) just 2 years ago, but just $2.2billion and 7.7B respectively this year, both kicked out of the top 100’s.

We all make errors at times. *An error does not become a mistake till you avoid to correct it*.

Like empires, people and brands fall and rise. Listen. Don’t be caught sleeping.

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Welcome to life, where tables turn. When you’re on top, the aerial view is the ‘worst’ view of the world. How could Blackberry not sought out their Bold 5 hanging problems for years, and their battery life issues. How did they fall from being the inventors of smart phones and pop emails into not being mentioned by app developers on top app stores. What did they do with all our feedbacks? Why did they not listen. Now by the end of December, even whatsapp will be pulling out of their phones, it’s that bad.

Failure isn’t always an enemy but the down payment for school fees on how to succeed better next time when you learn from it. On the other hand, as you win, congratulations sometimes becomes the main enemy, “nice job” most times is the word you should be afraid of.” #scary but I agree

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*Success is the greatest enemy of success*.

To me, *Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking that they cannot lose. After you stand on your feet, stay on your toes*. In the words of David Ben Gurion,
*It’s not enough to be up to date. You have to be up to tomorrow*. As you grow, never outgrow feedbacks, it’s zero payment for research and development. Every CEO and team player has a primary role to be a future manager for *it is only he that sees the future that can seize the future*. For what you currently do, what steps have you taken for the future,  #OutnovativeStrategy

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