Creating Brand Addiction


We are all on drugs. we are all addicted to something, I call it ‘caffeine’ in different forms.


I mean, if caffeine is a stimulant, an ingredient that gets people excited, intoxicated and addicted as it is found in Coke, Nestle Coffee and hard drugs. It’s a different kind of caffeine that gets people to sleep weekly in vigil to kill ‘the undying enemy’, I’ve watched people sow their last seeds as offerings to already rich pastors, to some it’s sex or love that gets them running back to their ex, maybe for you it gets you constantly stuck on social network, NairaBet, games consoles and candy crush even  during work hours.



I’ve seen executives queue in suits for hours for “Iya Basira’s” beans, under the Stadium Bridge in Surulere, or for Amala at the White House in Yaba, or “Ghana High” in Onikan for Jollof. The former GMD of NNPC , Andrew Yakubu this week was caught with 9.8million Dollar cash in a slum in Kaduna, now that’s greed with Money as the Caffeine. Caffeine first feels like it’s a need and then it feels like it keeps you going, but overdose can kill. Knowing when to stop is key and anything you can’t get enough of, I call it  “Caffeine”.



It’s the difference between people who just buy phones and people who sell their kidney and use the proceeds to queue for hours to buy an iPhone in America, the difference between a bottle of coke and any other soft drink, any coffee and Nescafe, a car and a Mercedes Benz. The list goes on.

In business you need to create your own caffeine at what you do. It will create loyalty for you.


Caffeine is any USP that creates addiction and a cult like follower-ship. #HighBrandEquity

It’s what you do that people can’t get enough of. In business it’s called Unique Selling Point (USP), I call it Caffeine!



Here are a few drops of ‘Caffeine’ for your consumption:

  1. Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less on the predefined timer with your name next to it at the counter or it’s delivered for free.
  2. FedEx: “Your parcels absolutely get there overnight.”
  3. M&M’s Chocolate: It only “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”
  4. Saddleback Leather: “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.”
  5. TOMS Shoes: They give a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you purchase.
  6. Hexavia and HBC :  We promise to always Go Further Ahead with our class alumni and clients, creating a HBC community you can grow intelligence and business with.



Now, in your business and life, what’s your caffeine!

Be addictive!


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By Eizu Uwaoma



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