Are We Over-selling Faith and Luck?


In this era of microwaves where we want everything fast, where some movements in our  religion has reduced the powerful concept of faith into “name it and claim it” as against an actual process of work. To add, our entertainment TVs and celebrities inspires us to “fake it till we make it”.

We need to teach process and not just result.

We need a generation of people and businesses that understand structures and processes. Success is more attainable and sustainable as that.

We got here as a county because of the lack of process, the oil curse came from selling oil without processing it. We don’t process or follow through on our thoughts too.

Any life or business without process has a short span for growth.

Look around you, libraries have been bought over by Gamble Houses, bookshops by strip clubs, and plaza’s set up for retail stores now have religious centers as favorite occupants, then you can trace back how we got here.

I read a report that clearly uses data to show how the top 20 poorest countries happen to be the most religious while with exceptions of America, how the top 20 most prosperous countries have the least belief on any religion.


The main metaphor is that the root of poverty comes from a mindset that transfers responsibility from self to another being or force. In Nigeria, ours is luck, God or someone we know.

Every motor park you see has a mini bar for ethanol (ogogoro) right next to a Baba Ijebu (gamble) stand. The intelligent ones that read, don’t read to practice but to teach it as motivational speakers, if they don’t succeed, they’d either become pastors or politicians.

Do you know that 1 out of every 5 persons on the street of a university wants to do music, half of them will be sponsored by an ex-yahoo boy who was never caught by EFCC.

Everybody wants to be successful, everyone is interested. It’s not by being interested but by commitment, and commitment takes processes.  We have to reverse this else we might just be building a new generation of guys who don’t understand the concept of work!

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