Which Would You Rather Be: A Big Fish in a Small Pond or a Small Fish in a Big Pond?


This question was asked yesterday in some HBC groups.

Well, let me start by telling you what I heard Mo Abudu say backstage during my shoot on Moments with MO a few years ago. It was about the time she was starting Ebony Life and in relation to the criticism of giving up shares and ownership. She said, “its better to own 10 Percent of something that makes sense, than 100 percent of nonsense”.

Be a Small Fish in a Big Pond. It helps and inspires you to do better. It helps you break your own boundaries. It is also why our slogan at Hexavia Nigeria is “Go Further Ahead”


Let me break it down
There used to be something in athletics called the 4 Minutes Barrier, no one had ever crossed it.

So it was said that the human body does not possess the ability to run so fast, that it can go past a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was a scientific fact for over a thousand years, till 1954.

In 1954, a man called Roger Bannister broke it in the Olympics. Wow! A tens of century myth and face has been broken!..But guess what. It took almost a thousand years for just one person to break it, but ever since 1954 to today, over 20, 000 people have ran past the 4 minutes barrier including high school kids. So what changed in these years?


Athletics, Oxfordshire, England, 6th May, 1954, Roger Bannister breaks the tape as he crosses the winning line to complete the historic four minute mile record  (Photo by Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images)
Athletics, Oxfordshire, England, 6th May, 1954, Roger Bannister breaks the tape as he crosses the winning line to complete the historic four minute mile record.

One person to challenge status quo, is all it takes.

Be the small fish in a big pond and your mind will expand. Be ambitious.

Don’t cut your coat according to your size, else you’ll soon find yourself cutting your size according to your coat.

Be a pace setter. All it takes in life, is for one guy to break a barrier and hundred others will follow. It’s what you owe life, what you’re here for. So don’t succeed or do it for yourself, do it for others.




Be Selfless At It.
Selflessness can be a motivation. Selfishness is one of man’s greatest hindrance to greatness. It’s a mirage of oasis that creates an unending thirst. It creates over hunting and according to Darwin’s Theory, it explains how the law of natural selection takes away any predator that overly over hunts. Nothing in life is worth fighting for as solely yours. Your best clothes is someone’s rag,your account balance is someone’s donation at a function, your girl friend/boy friend or fiance/fiancee is someone’s Ex. Every single prostitute you see in a hotel or on the street at night was at some point in time a virgin. So what is the squabble all about?



Pebble in the center of the bending of the arc
By nature of my work I meet people every day. And when I hear successful people talk about their business, I notice a trend, they don talk about how much they’d make, instead the talk about how many people they’d employ from a deal. I love that perception. I am trying to do that, to see everything in the sake of others. One of my central ideology is a personal brand promise that I would never engage in a deal that only me will benefit from. This is one of personal secrets to growth.


There are times when my back hurts, and then I think of the people I am responsible for, I think of my team, even the HBC community, The Delphis, my team, our family members whose school fees depends on us, the mentees who look up to us. We need to succeed and change things, our circumstances and that of those around us. Decades from now, my kids, your kids will either be starving or succeeding from a decision we made today. I’m reminded of this every time I am on a cross road of decisions.




Always have a deeper purpose for what you do, the “why”. In relation to management consulting and business, there’s something called the Golden Circle of a start up, it’s 3 nested circled drawn as a Venn diagram. One is the “what”, the “how” and the “why”. Great people and businesses starts with the why, then work towards the what.

The why is to break barriers.

We need people to set new paces. We need you and more people to start up. And from Start ups to Business and from Business to Upstarts (spin offs).

Go Further Ahead

Best regards.
Eizu, Hexavia!
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