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BUSINESS HACK Alert! – Generational Kinetics

I spoke to yellow cab taxi driver in Lagos a few days ago and he said that all they do is sleep more at the parks. He thinks people don't have money for taxis anymore.... The future belongs only to businesses set up to revolutionize their industry. Read more to understand how...



How Strong is Your Compliance……

How Strong is Your Compliance Mechanisms? . When restructuring, people must be laid off. For me, I hire slowly and fire swiftly. This isn't possible if there are no Standard Operating Procedures for new ones to follow, else a badly behaved but knowledgeable staff will hold you to Ransome. . . . Am I saying that there should be no job security? . . . Well, the worst customer service and work ethics comes from institutions that pride themselves of ensuring job security (like the Nigerian government agencies at all level). A company is not a retirement home, it should be a passage for all parties to mutually achieve value and to get better, full stop. . . . Personally, during on boarding processes for new staff, I make it clear, that no one should fire anyone. The only person that has the right to fire you is you. And that is by incrementally going against our collective accord. Your only guard of your job should be your competence, character and any other reason you were hired and more. But the truth is, you can't always fire people for doing wrong. So you have to protect them from doing wrong, so you can protect your firm. As a CEO, there has to be a balance between effectiveness and efficiency. So it may cost you more to keep hiring and firing people. Laying off the wrong people for the right people, is key in restructuring. It is important for the psychology of work to declare that it's not business as usual. After that comes definition of new process. But you need a compliance system to avoid a relapse. . . Operational documents like job descriptions, intended corporate culture, brand promises and Standard Operating Procedures, even when defined, written down and assigned might still not be followed through except their is a strong compliance mechanism. So you need a compliance system. Everyone's work they say is nobody's work, so someone (or a department depending on how big your organization is) has to be held responsible. The same way a marketer is placed on target, and may be fired when that target is not met, is the same way a compliance person has to be put on ground with a target to query, suspend and even fire! Eizu, ©Hexavia!

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*Here's checking up on us*.. . . . How is work……

Agree or disagree with this post? Swipe Left. *Here's checking up on us*.. . . . How is work going this Tuesday? . . . _ I am inspired to write this for those in a tough place of managing people_. . . . People can be a great asset but also the greatest headache in running an organisation. Everyday I see executives and even some of my clients struggle with this. . . Today is #HexavianImprovementTuesday and here's an attempt on People Management from a very blunt perspective. 👇🏼 _Take serious the quality of people that work with you. Don’t compensate people with your production center_. Avoid as much as you can employing friends and family, except if they either fit for the job, have high aptitude and less entitlement mentality which is usually not the case. *Don't hire people you cannot fire*. . . . You are not our federal government. Jobs should not be for compensation. No sentiments, you are not under any obligation to manage or keep mediocre, since the Per Capital Income (P.C.I.) and other macro economics variables shows we have one of the world’s cheapest labor, HIRE SLOWLY, FIRE SWIFTLY. Don’t compromise on choices revolving around your own growth, LEAD RIGHT. . . . The truth is, if you are a leader on a journey and no one is really following you, then you are only taking a walk. But the quality of people walking with you is perhaps more important. They’d help you grow the organisation. . . . Another option is for you to be more than a boss, but a mentor, talent manager and leader. But that takes more work, discipline and commitment even after they leave to do that. I highly recommend this. You need that to grow a good brand and organisation. . . . So for the right people to follow you enough to grow a good organisation, there are principles and styles to it. And if you follow them, those people will follow you. There are 4 leadership styles (directive and non directive) 1.TELLING: Directive/dictatorial/autocratic 2. SELLING: Directive, persuasive, oratory in delivery, still no enough room for follower input in decision making, For more read it on our blog

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To the young CEOs. You know the "P" in……

To the young CEOs. You know the "P" in P.E.S.T.E.L (politics); I never understood the importance from business school but did in watching CEOs before us get burnt by it. The profs with the PHDs in business school teach it from their copied assignments as lectures. And you know when you copy an assignment you really can't explain it. 🙆🏽😊. . . Let business men tell you their stories📋. Business men need to understand and infiltrate politics to remain in growth. I recommend the understanding of macro economics variables and politics to any aspiring market leader aspiring for big pie size of the quadrants of that BCG Market Share over Market Growth dominance. .🎯 . . Growing to the top is tough. But staying on top is even tougher. The world is designed to attack the cowboy on the hill and to favor the underdog, classic David and Goliath. But underdogs ((youths in business) have to have a mastermind group to exit that class. . . . Most times they don't till they begin to aim for number one; then they are cut short. The problem with gunning for number one without caring about nation building, government and governance because you think you are growing excellently is miopic. Saying you are not interested in politics in a country like Nigeria is like drowning in water and shouting "I am not interested in swimming !". The side effect of gunning for an enterprise empire with traits of total market dominance is that your competitor ends up becoming the government itself. If the bad policies don't kill you, lack of infrastructure will. Or worse a tout in government or close to it will. If you plan to become your market leader; to grow in your business, it's never too early, to begin to infiltrate the polity. This is deeper than rally, PVCs and political endorsement. The plot, the revolution will not be televised. Real change is inside out the system not outside in. This can't be done on social media or election booth. But parallel to it, disruptively. Get involved. You can start by investing your thought process and building or belong to a closed circuit cell of powerful cartels and minds. Act far but yet so close. Governance. . . . Eizu, ©Hexavia! Strategy.

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Generational Kinetics, Part 2. *Application* :……

Generational Kinetics, Part 2. *Application* : . . _Every generation becomes lazier, crazier and busier. Always remember this as you build a business_. . . . To create a better User Experience and Experiential Design, it is safer and more important to see anyone that walks into your store as extremely 1.Lazy---2.Crazy--and 3.Busy! . . . Technology, user experiences and information immunity from the syndrome of information overload is pioneering that of this generation of the fast paced millenials, and Z-Centennials Generations . . . . Let me explain this: 👇🏼 . . . 1. They are so *LAZY* , that the likes of Sony over 2 generations ago invented the TV with a remote control and now Jumia two generations after delivers them to their doorsteps. What did they both consider, and how did they leverage on it (Lazy=convenience). How can you make your product more convenient? . . . 2. They are *CRAZY*. If your business is not exciting enough, no one will buy. Coca Cola over a century ago, created a fizzy drink and attached excitement and propaganda out of that sugar Water (they turned Christmas colours from brown to red and white (colours of coke) and invented the concept of Santa Claus to back that up). Till today they are known to have one of the most exciting campaigns. . . . 3. Your customers are so *BUSY*, so like audio books while driving, how can you put your product in their schedule? The heart of Disruptive Innovation seeks to shorten the cycle time of any production process. How can you do same, by strategic alliances, outsourcing or by vertical and horizontal integration? . . . *Think*. My dear, in this generation, people thrive to be different. Being different is "woke". Don't be better, be different. It starts from creating a unique perception (brand), position, Blue Ocean Strategy, market, value--- THINK CREATIVELY! #HexavianImprovementTuesday For example... Create a brand name or product line with a name either unique (Hexavia!), distinctive (Apple), easy to pronounce (Zara) or easy to // of the Masterclass//.. 2. Create a slogan that sticks and easy to understand. (Nike -just do it, Hexavia- Go Further, Ahead!).

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Generational Kinetics; Scientifically a……

Generational Kinetics; Scientifically a generation is an average of 25.5 years_. . . . Depending on how you choose to calculate it, we've headed to the 4th in 100 years. . . . According to the Pareto's 80:20 Principle, 80 percent of the wealth and power of any generation will always be owned by less than 20 percent of that generation. The rest 80percent will work and be controlled by the minority 20percent. The good news is, the people and trend is reshuffled every 25.5 years. Now than ever, Nigeria seeks a new generation of business execs and leaders. This Dynamics Is Natural. This is also because every 25.5 years business models and societal and political needs even in terms of technological advancement changes, so new opportunities emerge for new guys to take advantage of. . . . So 25 years ago, Dangote would have looked at Abiola and aspired to be like him. Jeff Bezos would have looked at Bill Gates too. What generation are you? _ . . . According to pyschology, the three key trends that shape and differentiates generations are parenting, technology, and economics_. Who wants to learn more and how does this connect to us all here at RIGO ? #HexavianImprovementTuesday . . . *Let me try to break it down further *? 👇🏼 *Millennials* refers to members of the generation born between 1975 to 1996 (The MTV Generations), to better have a graphical image, let's say that they are those who watched Michael Jackson do the moon walk on TV while MJ was still alive. They birth HipHop. To them we owe a lot swag. They were super cool! . . . We also have the *centennials* or called the iGenerations or generation Z. These centennials are the digital natives. They are those born after 1996. They really don't have to use most technologies or gadgets with a manual. Rocket science isnt that hard, its not rocket science to them for it has been automated. They rarely visit FAQ page of sites. They are very intuitive. It feels as if they had programming implanted during birth. They are super smart and very fast paced. . . . The three key trends that shape and differentiates generations are parenting, technology, and economics*. Eizu, ©Hexavia! 08035202891

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*Somewhere in Africa*, . . . _every morning,……