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Rethink! Your excuses are oftentimes your greatest leverage

What the Israelites saw, from high on the ridge, was an intimidating giant. In reality, the very thing that gave the giant his size...



Who wants fish? #SummerTimeTrip

Who wants fish? #SummerTimeTrip

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How to be a fun CEO and a gifted talent manager at the same time : I'll relate sports and…

How to be a fun and gifted CEO and a skilled talent manager at the same time : I'll relate sports and Business, using Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan as a graphical metaphor to everyday technical business terminologies . Michael Jordan like others had just potentials. That's not tangible. But the concept at Chicago Bulls was simple, the coach was Phil Jackson. Phil knowing that talent is never enough (it needs refinement and structure) watched this skinny kid called Jordan for months at arrival. He noticed a strange pattern in his play (that's what happens in "smart organizations" when you analyse data). He noticed he subconsciously shot from a point (trend analysis), he observed and identified his amazing accuracy alongside strengths and with a chalk, circled and marked out those areas in the basketball court where he was most likely to have his best shots (Competitive Advantage). That was it! What's yours? The coach ensured that Jordan mastered those areas (Market Segment) and then as a secret, the entire team knew those spots (Distribution Network). So during real play, every team member knew to ensure that the game flows towards those points just so he could take his best shots from those points (Successful Delivery). Sports enthusiasts know Barcelona does same with Lionel Messi. This concept is a timeless key to good business and greatness, whether life, a team or in business".- culled from Page 24, Law 1, Hexavian Laws of Business. Every team needs a star player. The Beatles had John Lennon, Destiny Child had Beyonce, Apple had Steve Jobs. Super Eagles had Okocha.Sometimes they even come in groups. At HBC, we call ours, TheInnerCircle. And I dedicate this write up to them. They make this community work. They have our back so we can face what is in front. It just hit my spirit to celebrate them. Thank You for getting up the ManTLE, even without We are grateful. You can always support them so we all can win better. In the journey to greatness, T.E.A.M means Together, Everyone Achieves More. With team work, common people can attain uncommon results. Let's get involved with yours. Eizu, ©Hexavia! Strategy. Business. Training. 08035202891

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*A chat I am currently having overseas* : Africa needs to stop being a pest to the world. China…

*A chat I am currently having overseas* : Africa needs to stop being a pest to the world. China as just one country contributes about 30 percent of the world's productivity, the whole of Africa put together does less than 4 percent. We are consumers, we rarely produce. We are the poorest but the biggest customers to luxury and consumer products. *Cote d’ Ivoire sells off Cocoa and then imports Chocolate.Sierra Leone sells off Diamond and then imports Jewellery*, even Nigeria, we sell off Crude oil and imports petrol! Our fastest growing industry and most engaging everyday conversation centers around religion, tribal divides, regressive politics, sports and entertainment. Forbes and Vanity Fair magazine says that we are the biggest drinkers of Hennessy and Moet in the whole world thus making its CEO, the French man Bernard Arnault one of the top 20 richest men in the world while we are among the top 100 poorest countries. Nigeria is one of the biggest consumers in the world, that's why we have a recession and a very devalued currency, thanks to that amount of import. The problem is that we don't know what the problems is. The problem is that we know just little about processing, even our thoughts. We need more dreamers, thinkers and doers. We need researchers and executioners. We rarely go on any voyage into discovering more than we already know which isn't much compared to the data era we are in. Let's collaborate better. We rarely sincerely help others. That's the easiest way to become the helped. But to every time you are helped, you become indebted. Africa needs no more grants, we need to grant ourselves real freedom. Entitlement mentality kills. But I believe we can do more. And I am passionate about it. My name is Eizu, CEO of Hexavia. Eizu, ©Hexavia! StartUps and Corporate Restructuring. Strategy. Business. Training. 08035202891

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How We Made It. Who remembers Potters Lounge??? Bringing back memories, a few years ago, thanks…

How We Made It. Who remembers Potters Lounge??? Bringing back memories, a few years ago, thanks to the Potters Outreach, we alongside the likes of Jimi Agbaje, the actress Joke Sylva, Yemi Cardoso (former Citibank MD), Bola Adesola (MD Standard Chattered) , my mentor Seyi Wright (former Bank MD too) all used to meet up. The event was every quarter. It was to gist, have fun alongside young professionals. We also discussed our purpose here, we used to always meet up for barbecue, book review and crash business MBA in Ikoyi. Were you a part of it then? Let’s have one more this weekend. You are invited, it is absolutely free!!! Please mark your calendar. Another edition of Potters Lounge is coming up this Saturday 19th August 2017 @18 Babatunde Jose Str. (formerly Festival Rd) Behind 1004, VI, Lagos. The theme is "Eyes Wide Open For Next Level". Our speakers are Mrs Adenike Odujoke(FBN Merchant Bank Ltd) & Mr Tony Osae Brown (Editor BusinessDay) You are invited. The potters lounge is more than a place. It is a platform, a centre in Victoria Island where entrepreneurs an positive minded young people come together to hang out with core successful professionals once in a while as they find a purpose driven life through the most attractive platforms. It's is powered by the Potters Outreach of SDA and proudly supported by Hexavia. Together, it is in line with our vision to guide and raise the next generation of success stories that will deliver professional excellence in their fields of endeavour while building a world with value. To attend/RSVP you and your friend, just text interested to Austin on 08105307199 You can also visit our Facebook page on,

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Have an early meeting with a client overseas and flight is delayed. Instead of complain, maybe…

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Why does Arsene Wenger always sell good players after they rise to buy young ones? Why did Alex…

Why does Arsene Wenger always sell good players after they rise to buy young ones? Why did Alex Ferguson sell Eric Cantona, David Beckham and even Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester? Well, there’s a trick for all good talent managers. Know what type they are and never allow your star players to over stay their welcome. There's too much talk on experience these days. Damn It, Screw Experience. It is a fact that it’s always someone from the outside of a system that disrupts the system and creates growth by innovation. Dear Rookie, as a starter or visitor to your industry, your lack of experience can be the greatest asset and gift to the innovation your industry needs. Damon Dash who wasn’t a rapper came from the dangerous streets of Harlem New York; he brought his street smart knowledge from drug dealing into music. He teamed up with Jay-Z and they both became the most successful black people ever in HipHop. Saul an outsider to Christianity became Paul and a Christian and he eventually changed the face of Christianity forever. Even though he never physically met Jesus who was the centre of the New Testament, he came late into that system but ended up as the most innovative and influential human figure of the gospel. He ended up writing 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament bible. Just one man who wasn’t even born a Christian, he was even against it. Now, that is called social disruption. Like the Chinese Mythology of the universe, we all need Yings to our Yangs. And either the Ying or the Yang, one must come from somewhere external of the system to form the universal harmony of ying yang. Eizu, ©Hexavia! StartUps and Corporate Restructuring. Strategy. Business. Training.

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